Shipped goods - Options

Taffe SA can insure your goods "door to door", against any risks liable to occur during their shipping by sea, by road, by river, by train or by air.

Taffe SA holds a diversified portfolio and has experience of many types of goods :

  • Processed food products : Sugar, Rice, Wheat, Cocoa, Coffee, Maize, Barley, Meats, poultry, fruit and vegetable, Temperature controlled products (chilled refrigerated and frozen products)
  • Raw materials : Oil, Cotton, Cement, Precious metals, Steel, Cast iron, ores
  • Finished products : Spare parts, Textiles, Perfume … Miscellaneous goods intended for the retailing and distribution industy
  • Hazardous products : Chemicals, fertilizers, explosives

Ships hulls and machineries insurance

Taffe SA will set up customised policies covering all the risks in relation to your vessels

  • Insurance against damage to your ship's hull and machinery
  • Operating loss
  • Risks of war, strike, riot and terrorism

… regardless of the type of vessel :

  • Merchant ships' hull and machinery
  • Fishing boats' hull and machinery
  • Hull and machinery of ships under construction
  • Yachts' hull and machinery

Civil Liability Insurance

Taffe SA provides insurance cover for most legal and contractual liabilities in relation to shipping trades and to the policyholder's use of the vessel (ship owner, charterer or ship operator).