Legal Counselling

You are (whether one of our policyholders or not):

  • A ship owners, a forwarding agent, a charterer or a carrier
  • An insurer operating on the French market, or an international insurer
  • An importer / exporter
  • A merchant
  • An industrialist
  • A freight agent

Our mission:

  • A preventive consultancy role for our customers in order to optimise their protection against any possible claims.
  • A curative function enabling any suitable measures to be taken as soon as the claim is made in order to protect our customers' interest in the best possible way (by arranging for an expert opinion and by obtaining letters of indemnity)
  • Claims management from start to finish from the moment the claim is made until a solution is find.

Our strong points

A solid infrastructure with a network of contacts in FRANCE and abroad.

The "LEGAL DEFENCE and ACTION" departments, which offer our customers the ability to benefit from a true operating infrastructure for debt recovery or insurance in the transport sector, at a suitable price.